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Welcome fellow Region Rats! This is OUR place to preserve the memories of all those great rock n roll shows we used to go to. There were a lot of shows, but nobody seems to have kept track of any of these. Until now!

This all began when it was realized after a bit of searching, that there was little info on the internet about any region shows! Rock shows seen at my old favorite, the Hammond Civic Center seemed on the verge of being forgotten.

I saw lots of awesome shows at the HCC in the 70s and 80s. I know some of you were there too! We'd like to hear from you.

The Midway Ballroom in Cedar Lake is another place that brings back some great memories. Foghat, Guess Who, and Steppenwolf were only a few of the shows that rocked the lakefront.

Other venues that will also be included  are: Star Theatre, Pointe East, Poison Apple, and Club Dimension. Or any other places where national acts rocked Da Region!

We have also started posting pictures and reviews of more recent shows at region venues and clubs. You can find them here or under Other Venues. After all, today's shows are tomorrows Region Rock Memories. If you have seen any of these and would like to add your comments, please do.

I need your: suggestions, corrections, reviews, diary entries, playlists, ticket stubs, handbills, posters, T-shirts, photos, recordings, or anything else you'd like to have included! Scans or digital photos of your memorabilia will work fine.

Send to: contributions@regionrockmemori
Nazareth at Hammond Civic Center

Copyright 2010 Region Rock Memories
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