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With opening act UFO (and Starfighters?), Ozzy heated up a cold Winter night when he brought his Diary of a Madman tour to the Hulman Center in Terre Haute IN. He had previously played at the Rosemont, but we have no info on it. RRM site contributor Adrian missed seeing him there, but caught up to the Prince of Darkness a few days later and took these amazing pics!

Mini Review:
me and a few friends were going to the Diary Of A Madman tour at  the Rosemont Horizon when our car broke down. we never made it there, in fact we had to call my dad to pick us up while the car got towed all the way back to hammond. enclosed is the ticket stub i never got to use. these pix are from the Hullman Center in Terre Haute IN. after we missed the show, i we just had to find a way to see Randy Rhoads and company. I had seen them on their first tour when Motorhead opened up for them at the Aragon. KILLER SHOWS!!!!

Please note that these are some of the last pics ever taken of Randy Rhoads who died suddenly and tragically a few weeks later. 

Randy Rhoads RIP
Dec 6, 1956 March 19, 1982

DFTR Randy

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Pics Submitted by Adrian
Ozzy_Hulman_820129 01
Ozzy_Hulman_820129 02
Ozzy_Hulman_820129 03
Ozzy_Hulman_820129 04
Ozzy_Hulman_820129 05
Ozzy_Hulman_820129 06
Ozzy_Hulman_820129 07
Ozzy_Hulman_820129 08
Ozzy_Hulman_820129 09
Ozzy_Hulman_820129 10
Ozzy_Hulman_820129 11
Ozzy_Hulman_820129 12
Ozzy_Hulman_820129 13
Ozzy_Hulman_820129 14
Ozzy_Hulman_820129 15
Ozzy_Hulman_820129 16
Ozzy_Hulman_820129 17
Ozzy_Hulman_820129 18
Ozzy_Hulman_820129 19
Ozzy_Hulman_820129 20

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