Pablo Software Solutions BOC - Steppenwolf 7-25-09
On a warm summer evening in 2009, Blue Oyster Cult opened for some guys called Steppenwolf. Maybe you heard of them. It was still a dynamite performance, but was cut very short due to John Kay's demands.

Not to sell Steppenwolf short, they kicked ass! Killer performance. Seeing The Pusher performed was worth the price of the ticket!

A great double bill with two legendary bands. For those of you who missed it here are some pics. I apologize for the quality, it could have been better.

If you got some crap to send us or have someting to say that you think we might give a crap about: let us know.

BOC_PCF_090725 1
BOC_PCF_090725 2
BOC_PCF_090725 3
BOC_PCF_090725 4
BOC_PCF_090725 5
BOC_PCF_090725 6
BOC_PCF_090725 7
BOC_PCF_090725 8
BOC_PCF_090725 9
BOC_PCF_090725 10
BOC_PCF_090725 11
BOC_PCF_090725 12
Buck_PCF_090725 1
Buck_PCF_090725 2
Eric_PCF_090725 1
Jules_PCF_090725 1
Jules_PCF_090725 2
Richie_PCF_090725 1
Rudy_PCF_090725 1
Steppenwolf_PCF_090725 1
Steppenwolf_PCF_090725 2
Steppenwolf_PCF_090725 3
Steppenwolf_PCF_090725 4
Steppenwolf_PCF_090725 5
Steppenwolf_PCF_090725 6

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