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If you have any cool pics, reviews, or whatever that you think Region Rats would find of interest, here is a place to put it. Have you seen rock shows at the Star Theatre, Poison Apple, Club Dimension, Thirsty Whale, Or? If you have and would like to share your memories feel free to send them!

There also will be a section for modern rock shows. Although we are not looking for pics from recent shows, if you have something special please feel free to submit it for consideration.

I don't have a lot to say about the previous listed venues. Seen quite a few shows at the Star. Always a good time at the Star. Been to Club D once I think. Send stuff if you have it.

If anybody has any more information or corrections, feel free to let us know at:

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    Ozzy Osbourne
Terre Haute 1-29-82
Iron Maiden Star 5-25-82
    Charlie Daniels Augustfest 8-10-99

BOC 7-25-09
Moody Blues
Alice Cooper
BOC 8-09-09
American Home Services Repair Replace Remodel Handyman
Black Betty
Stevie Starlite

Xrock 103.9
Night Rock
Nights with Alice Cooper
Midwest Beat Magazine
Star Plaza Theatre
The Venue
Blue Oyster Cult Official Site
Black Betty Chicago
George Thorogood
REO Speedwagon
Blue Oyster Cult