What I know about the Pointe East is very little actually. I've been there a few times, although possibly under a different name. Wasn't it also the Poison Apple or something? It was located on US 30 just over the IN state line in Lynwood, IL. It's proximity made it a convenient and popular hangout for Region Rats.  For some more on this venue I defer to the superior knowledge of Mr. Tom Lounges of Xrock, Night Rock, and Midwest Beat fame:

"Pointe East was arguably the South Sideís greatest local rock venue ever!
Sadly, when the Illinois laws changed, requiring that club patrons had to be 21 to enter as well as to drink alcohol, it sounded the death knell for many of the big clubs of the day.
Pointe East closed itís doors in the summer of 1983, making this the 20th anniversary of itís demise. Has it really been that long? In some ways, yes. In other ways, it seems like just yesterday.
During itís six year run, the spacious Lynwood concert hall played host to a virtual Whoís Who of classic musical groups.
The rock talent there ranged from Blood, Sweat & Tears, to The Plasmatics, to Humble Pie, to The Joe Perry Project, to having the first U.S. date by such imported bands of the day as Girlschool, Angel City, Max Webster and Goddo.
We also presented such blues icons as B.B. King, Muddy Waters and Willie Dixon. The club even hosted the very first Iron Maiden concert ever in Chicagoland back around Ď80-Ď81. I still have the actual 16-song set list the Paul Dianno-lead band played from that show.
I used the word "we" in the last paragraph regarding the shows, because I was/am very proud to have been a part of a magnificent team of folks that made the Pointe East the best Midwest rock venue ever." ~ Tom Lounges

If anybody has any more information or corrections, feel free to let us know at:
      Date        Headliner                                       Notes        Media            Review
6-02-79 Cartune Infamous Insane Coho Lips Disco Demolition rally hosted by Steve Dahl .    
12-10-80 Randy Hansen      
6-27-81 Iron Maiden Very first concert in Chicagoland.    
7-81 Plasmatics Wendy O Williams arrested after this show? Or was it 10-23-81?    
10-23-81 Plasmatics Wendy O Williams arrested after this show? Or was it 7-81?    
4-23-82 Girlschool First US concert.    
1982? The Kind      
Early 80s 999 w Alleycats, Dave & The Happenings (James Chance Bros Band)    
Unknown Killers Might have opened for Iron Maiden.    
Unknown Waitresses      
Unknown Blood, Sweat, & Tears Opening act: Arsenio Hall    
Unknown Rare Earth      
Unknown Humble Pie with Stever Marriott    
Unknown Joe Perry Project      
Unknown Angel City      
Unknown Max Webster      
Unknown Goddo      
Unknown B.B. King      
Unknown Muddy Waters      
Unknown Willie Dixon      
Unknown Survivor      
Unknown M&R Rush Former Pointe East house band.    
Unknown Shuddup & Drive Played their first show at Pointe East.    
Unknown Spirit      
Unknown Chameleon Featuring Yanni on keyboard.    
Unknown B'ZZ      
Unknown Off Broadway      
Unknown Trillion      
Unknown Tantrum      
Unknown The Hounds      
Unknown Gambler      
Unknown Heartsfield      
Unknown Gamma with Ronnie Montrose    
Unknown Papa John Creach      
Unknown Vasser Clements      

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